Cherry Pit Spitting Contest

Dave Wins It!!!

Queen City Brewery

One of many in Vermont

Dave and Guy

Biophysical Society

Dance Party

The Lab

March Madness

Go Cats Go!!

Andrew and Dave

Women's World Cup Soccer

Sam and Dave

Santa's Little Elves

Mike and Sam

Departmental Retreat

Trapp Family Lodge

Jeff, Dave, and Guy

Biophysical Society

Serious Discussions

Ned, Mike, and Jeff

Lab Outing on Lake Champlain

Largest Fresh Water Lake after Great Lakes

Cherry Pit Spitting Contest

Nice Try Andrew

Lake Champlain Ferry Crossing

Cris dos Remedios and Amy

Lab Outing

Auggie Previs all jammed up!

Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting

Three Wise Men

Canterbury 2023

Dave and his two scientific sons

Madison Myofilament Meeting 2022

Dave and his scientific sons

Jeff Moore, Josh Baker, (Dave), Mike Previs, Andrew Mead, Neil Kad